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Final Piece - Leg Closeup.jpg

D104 First Year Studio I, Fall 2018

Students were assigned to, only using paper materials, create a wearable piece of art. The designer of the piece will also be the model for the piece. The piece should be inspired by the movement of the human body and should move when the model is walking.

This project aims to illustrate the movement of the legs and the arms. An arm piece emphasizes the swing of the wrist as the body moves forward, connecting to a leg piece, which kicks out to instigate the forward movement. To improve this project, the inspiration should be reassessed in order to best portray the idea and to achieve movement while walking. Materiality could also be utilized better to strengthen the concept.

Final Shot - Long Exposure.jpg
Final Piece - Arm Closeup.jpg
Final Piece 1.jpg
Final Piece - Leg Closeup.jpg
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