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Final Piece - Closeup_edited.jpg

D104 First Year Studio I, Fall 2018

Students were assigned to simply create a project that illuminates. Inspiration can be tangible or intangible, literal or metaphorical, but the project should correlate to the idea of the word 'light.'

This project aims to use color to illustrate the calming effect of cool-colored light. Inspired by the form of a lava lamp, this project consists of dyed oil and water in a glass jar, with lights insulated on the interior. After placing a flame under the project, the oil will begin to rise slowly through the water. To improve this project, as the designer, I would go back to a completely different idea I had during the design process. Listening to critique, mid-project I scrapped my initial idea and created an imitation of a lava lamp. My lack of inspiration shows in the final product. Despite the critique, if a designer is passionate about a concept, it may be worth it to stick with the idea.

Final Piece.jpg
Final Piece.jpg
Final Piece.jpg
Final Piece - Detail.jpg
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